Yellowstone Winter Wolf Tours

In summer, the wildlife of Yellowstone is spread all across the park. But Yellowstone winters bring all of the non-hibernating animals into the low valleys. For the wolf packs of Yellowstone, this means a prime opportunity to hunt, feed and survive. For photographers, Yellowstone winter wolf tours mean the best opportunity to capture images of wolves as they explore, play, hunt, and defend with their pack. 

Black wolf in road

We start our day before sunup to position everyone for the best opportunity to photograph the first rays of sunlight gracing the park; a pristine experience that makes the early start absolutely worth the trip. We are then on the hunt for the wolf packs, which our experienced guides follow constantly, to bring you into the optimal distance to see and photograph the wildlife of Yellowstone National Park. Telescopic lenses are highly recommended to capture the best photos, while spotting scopes and binoculars are provided for anyone looking to simply observe.

Wolf in Yellowstone

Why People Love Yellowstone Wolf Tours

With all of the prey animals for the wolves grouped together there is a chance for a once in a lifetime photo. While the animals are the ones who decide the day's activities, people on our tours may see fights for survival, play, and abundant activity that brings smiles to everyone’s face. Wolves are such fascinating creatures, making this tour the top of many photographers list.

Did You Know...A majority of a wolves winter diet is made up from elk. Biologists believe that over 75% of the large canines diet comes from elk. 

Wolf Tour Sample Itinerary 

The day starts with an early pick up from your place of lodging. Take advantage of the late sunrise and drive towards the Lamar Valley under the cover of darkness. See the early morning sun and alpen glow, while discovering the animal activity of the previous night. After searching for wildlife, discover the Mammoth Terraces, the largest active travertine terraces on earth. The clear and crisp air of winter provides great photo opportunities. Winter tours and wildlife watching are based near the north entrance to Yellowstone. The town of Gardiner, Montana and Mammoth Hot Springs, Wyoming are the typical starting points for winter tours.

Black Wolf in Yellowstone

Yellowstone Winter Wolf Tour Pricing

  • $750 per day for a party of 1 to 2 people
  • $800 per day for a party of 3 to 4 people
  • $75 for each additional person
  • Call for groups of 7 or more.
  • All rates are daily, not per person

All Winter Tours (early November to mid April) are based out of the north entrance to Yellowstone. Lodging is recommended in Gardiner, MT, Livingston, MT or Mammoth Hot Springs, WY. . Tours are custom and include naturalist guide, viewing scope, binoculars, transportation, snacks and hearty lunch. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free lunch options are available. Trips do not include Yellowstone National Park entrance fee and guide gratuity.

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