Yellowstone Winter Guided Tours

Enjoy a guided tour of Yellowstone National Park in the winter with our wildlife, cross country skiing, or snowshoeing tours.

Winter in Yellowstone offers a level of serenity that leaves a lasting memory of those who experience it. The later sunrises and earlier sunsets of winter bring easier opportunities to capture the beauty of Yellowstone with ideal lighting across the snow-covered plateaus and mountains. What makes Yellowstone winters special, though, is how much more intimate the park is. As we drive into the park you may find moments of solitude watching the beauty of Yellowstone pass us slowly by.




Ways To Explore Yellowstone Winters

Each guided tour is different.

With Yellowstone Guidelines you are getting a private guided tour, which means that our day and itinerary is determined by your party. While some people are more comfortable staying close to the vehicle and watching animals from the road, others want to strap on snowshoes or skis to explore the other side of Yellowstone..



Yellowstone Winter Itinerary

Each specific activity and tour will have specific meeting time. The Winter Wildlife Watching tours start earlier than the X-C Ski and Snowshoe Tours to take advantage of the early light. Your guide or a staff member of Yellowstone Guidelines will arrange the activity start time prior to the trip. Most days will start with a pick up from your place of lodging.  Entering through the park's north entrance in Gardiner, MT, we will drive to the appropriate wildlife areas or X-C Ski/Snowshoe trails for a day of adventure.

What Is Included: 

All of our tours are approximately 7 to 8 hours in length and include pick up from lodging or hotel. All of our guides are local and knowledgeable of the Yellowstone region and have a passion for the outdoors. All tours also include a deli style lunch and hot drinks. We can accommodate vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free lunch options. Your guides will bring spotting scopes and binoculars for wildlife viewing.

Join us for a winter adventure in Yellowstone National Park!

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