Bechler River Trail in Yellowstone National Park

The Bechler is one of the iconic backpacking routes in Yellowstone!!!

Iris Falls of Bechler River in Yellowstone National Park   Bechler River Trail in Yellowstone

The Bechler is located in the southwest corner of Yellowstone. The region bares the nickname, the “cascade corner” because of the abundance of waterfalls.  The trail features waterfalls, backcountry thermals, mountain views and wildlife.

Length: 30.3 miles (48.9 KM)
Difficulty: Moderate to Advanced
Dates: Trips start late August - early September due to trail conditions

Colonnade Falls - Yellowstone Guidelines

Bechler River Trail Description

The trek starts near Old Faithful and parallels the Fire Hole River passing by the famous Lone Star geyser. Leaving the geyser the route meanders through a mixed alpine forest crossing the Continental Divide. The trail drops into the beautiful Bechler Canyon. This section of the park receives more moisture than any other creating plethora of springs, creeks, rivers and waterfalls. Pass by Colonmade, Iris, and Twister Falls and numerous others cascading over the canyon walls. There are many opportunities to walk next to the backcountry thermal features that make Yellowstone famous. The route navigates the great Bechler Meadows with views of the Tetons Mountain range and finishes at the Bechler Ranger Station. The Bechler offers many fishing (with Yellowstone National Park fishing permit) and wildlife viewing opportunities.

Bechler River Guided Backpacking Trip Includes:

  • Knowledgeable wilderness guide
  • Food, snacks, and necessary supplies
  • National Park Service Backpacking Permits
  • Gear (backpacks, sleeping pads and bags, tent)
  • Transportation logistics

Bechler River Trail Trip Pricing

$1400 per person for 4 days and 3nights / minimum of 2 people
$1750 per person for 5 days and 4nights / minimum of 2 people
$2100 per person for 6 days and 5 nights / minimum if 2 people
Discounts are available for groups and participants bringing their own "gear" (backpacks, sleeping bags, tent, sleeping pads, plate/bowl, mug, and cutlery).
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