Greater Yellowstone Area and Local Communities

The greater Yellowstone area spans approximately 28,000 square miles. There are a variety of towns with personal charm and amenities. Let Yellowstone Guidelines help plan and design your perfect vacation.

Explore Livingston, Paradise Valley, and Gardiner, Montana

Livingston is the original gateway to Yellowstone National Park. Livingston is 51 miles from the North Entrance of Yellowstone National Park. The town has a vibrant art scene, great restaurants, and old west charm. The late, great Anthony Bordain visited Livingston and fell in love with its character. 
Things to do in Livingston: Museums, Art Walk, Rodeo 

A few miles south of Livingston is a scenic river valley and aptly named the Paradise Valley. The Paradise Valley offers beautiful mountain scenery, with the Gallatin Range on one side and wild Absorka Mountains on the other. The Yellowstone River cuts through the picturesque valley and offers visitors and locals lots of recreational recreational opportunities. Rafting, fishing, and hiking are all popular activities. 

Gardiner, MT borders Yellowstone and was an old rendezvous site for trappers and prospectors exploring the park. The town is located a stone's throw from Yellowstone National Park. The north entrance is the original entrance to Yellowstone and open year-round! Gardiner, MT is the best place to stay for seeing wildlife in Yellowstone. With the Yellowstone River flowing through town, Gardiner has many raft companies. Gardiner has many hotels for accommodating your lodging needs. 

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Bozeman, Big Sky and West Yellowstone, MT

Bozeman, Montana is located approximately 90 miles from Yellowstone’s west entrance and 80 miles from the north entrance by Gardiner, MT and Mammoth Hot Springs. Bozeman is home to Montana State University and has the largest airport in the region. Bozeman airport has regular flights from major airports. Be sure to check out Bozeman, MT's vibrant nightlife, restaurants and shops. 

The town of Big Sky is south of Bozeman along the scenic Gallatin River. Seated right in the mountains Big Sky offers Bozeman is located 90 miles from Yellowstone’s west entrance and 80 miles from the north entrance. The town of Big Sky is south of Bozeman along the scenic Gallatin River. Seated right in the mountains, Big Sky offers summer and winter recreational opportunities.

West Yellowstone is a small town by the parks west entrance. The west entrance is only open to snowcoach and snowmobile tours in the winter. West Yellowstone, MT or "West" as the locals call it, is the most popular park entrance. West Yellowstone is has tons of hotels and rentals. West Yellowstone is located closer to the Lower Loop of Yellowstone and Old Faithful area. 

Jackson and Cody, Wyoming

Jackson, WY is nestled at the southern base of Grand Teton National Park. Jackson is 56 miles from the southern entrance of Yellowstone. Jackson features the National Elk Refuge, the beautiful Snake River, many eateries and great shops. Near the town is the world famous Jackson Hole Resort. Jackson is a hot spot for outdoor fun. Hike in the Teton Mountains, float the snake river, or simply enjoy the views.

Jackson has an airport with many flights daily. The airport at Jackson is the only airport inside of a national park! 

Named after Buffalo Bill, Cody, WY is 52 miles from the east entrance to Yellowstone. Cody is home to the Cody Nite Rodeo, a nightly summer time rodeo and the Buffalo Bill Historic Center. The drive from Cody to Yellowstone is nothing short of amazing.  

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