Northern Excursion Backpacking - Yellowstone National Park

Backpack along the northern range of Yellowstone through the beautiful Pebble and Slough Creek.  The route features great mountain views, scenery, wildlife, and wilderness.

Yellowstone, Pebble Creek, Rocky Mountains
Pebble Creek is a beautiful glacial meadow bordering the Lamar Valley. Slough Creek is a wildlife rich area and important fishery. Joined together by Bliss Pass, the Northern Excursion hike takes you through a variety of ecosystems from open meadows rich with wildflowers, dense forest abundant in berries, low lying riparian zones and a high mountain pass.This is a true gem of the Northern Range of Yellowstone.

Black Bear along Pebble Creek - Yellowstone Guidelines
Length: 20+ Miles (32+ KM)
Difficulty: Moderate
Dates: Starts in July

Trip Description

Day 1: The day starts with an early meet and greet in Gardiner, MT. Your guide will meet and discuss the route, logistics, and field any questions or concerns of the group. This will be an important time to discuss gear and divide any rations among the group. After getting settled in, we will drive to the trailhead, Warm Springs. The trail starts off with an immediate climb. As we climb the scenery opens up with great views of the Absorka and Beartooth Mountains. After reaching the top of the hill, the trail opens up to the beautiful and scenic Upper Pebble Creek Meadows. The meadows can be rich with wildflowers and great mountain views. Shortly after reaching the meadows, we ford Pebble Creek. This is small ford most of the year. Continuing down the trail we stop for lunch along the second ford of Pebble Creek. The trail leaves the meadows and enters the mixed alpine forest. See various conifer species like Lodgepole Pine and Douglas Fir. The first night’s camp is set along Pebble Creek. After a delicious dinner, relax the night away with a camp fire and the flowing creek in the background. There will be a chance to back track our route and look for wildlife during the evening.

Yellowstone National Park, Bliss Pass, Northern Rockies   Yellowstone, Pebble Creek

Day 2: Wake up to the sounds of the creek and enjoy a leisurely breakfast. After breaking camp, we begin our hike up and over of Bliss Pass. Bliss Pass is a remote mountain pass that does not receive many visitors. Bliss Pass is a great place to look for mountain goats or bighorn sheep. After reaching the top of Bliss Pass, take a break and enjoy the sweeping views of the Slough Creek drainage and the Northern Range of Yellowstone. The descent of Bliss Pass is gradual into Slough Creek. Slough creek is a famous fishery in Yellowstone, containing an abundant supply of Yellowstone Cut-Throat trout, which are only native to the park. Enjoy another great dinner and spend the night looking at the stars. Slough Creek is a great place to hear coyotes or wolves howl in the Yellowstone night.

Day 3: After a great night sleep, enjoy a nice relaxing breakfast along Slough Creek. The 3rd day will be the shortest. This will present a great opportunity for some wildlife watching and enjoying the scenery. Slough Creek can be a great area to look for wolves, elk, bison, and bears. We can extend the day by heading north along Slough Creek. Heading to the trailhead the route is a gradual decline. Our route ends at the Slough Creek trail. Sadly all good things must come to an end!

Northern Excursion Guided Backpacking Trip includes:

  • Knowledgeable wilderness guide
  • Food, snacks, and necessary supplies
  • National Park Service Backpacking Permit
  • Gear (backpacks, sleeping pads and bags, and tent)
  • Transportation logistics

Pricing For Northern Excursion Backpacking:

$1050 per person for 3 days, 2 night / minimum of 2 people
$1400 per person for 4 days, 3 nights / minimum of 2 people
Discounts are available for large groups and participants bringing their own "gear" (backpacks, sleeping bags, tent, sleeping pads, plate/bowl, mug, and cutlery).

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