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Stay informed and up to date about road openings and closures in Yellowstone. All the information below is from the Yellowstone website...

2020 Road Construction in Yellowstone National Park

Tower Fall to Chittenden Road

The road between Tower Fall and Chittenden Road will be completely closed until April 2022. Specific areas on each side of this closure will be open for select time periods:

  • On the Canyon Village side of the closure: The only way to access the peak of Mount Washburn during construction is via the Canyon Village side of the closure. The Mount Washburn trail and trailhead parking lot near Dunraven Pass will be open during construction. The Chittenden Road and parking area will be open from June through August, but this road and parking area will be closed at select time periods before Memorial Day and after Labor Day (dates to be determined).
  • On the Tower-Roosevelt side of the closure: Tower Fall, the Tower General Store, Tower Fall Campground, and Calcite Springs will be open and accessible from Tower-Roosevelt between June 5–September 6, 2020 and June 4–September 26, 2021. In the winters, Tower Fall and trails in the vicinity will be open for skis and snowshoes, snow-permitting, from early November through March. Between the following dates, traffic and pedestrians from Tower-Roosevelt will be turned around at Calcite Springs: April 1–June 5, 2020; September 6–November 7, 2020; April 1–June 4, 2021; and September 26–November 6, 2021. There will be no access to the trails for Mount Washburn from the Tower-Roosevelt side of the closure.

North Entrance

Beginning in early summer, expect delays around the North Entrance. The entrance station will be open. More details, including dates, will be available after a construction contractor is selected. This project will start in 2020 and take two years.

Fishing Bridge to Indian Pond

From May 4 to October 30, 2020, expect delays along the East Entrance Road between Fishing Bridge and Indian Pond. This project will be completed in 2020.




2020 Yellowstone Spring Road Opening Dates

All openings are weather and conditions permitting.

April 17: Mammoth to Old Faithful; Madison to West Entrance; Norris to Canyon.
May 1: Canyon Junction to Lake; Lake to East Entrance (Sylvan Pass).
May 8: Lake to West Thumb, West Thumb to Old Faithful (Craig Pass), and South Entrance to West Thumb; Tower Junction to Tower Fall.
May 22: Tower Fall to Canyon Village to Dunraven Pass.
May 22: Beartooth Highway

2020 Fall Closing Dates - Yellowstone Roads 

October 13: Beartooth Pass (US 212 to Red Lodge, Montana); Dunraven Pass (Tower Fall to Canyon)
November 2: All roads except the road between the North Entrance and the Northeast entrance close at 8:00 am

Roads open at 8 am on their scheduled dates. All dates are subject to change depending on weather and budgetary restrictions. Call (307) 344-2117 for recorded information.

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