FAQ's - What to know about the park?

What are the benefits of having a guide?
A guided tour of Yellowstone provides insight, knowledge and a unique perspective of the park.

What is the weather going to be like?
The weather in the Yellowstone area has a wide range of temperatures and conditions. Summers days are generally warm and dry with temperatures in the mid-80’s and cooling down to near freezing (or sometimes below) at night. Rain showers and thunderstorms can occur in the late afternoons. Winters are generally cold and hopefully snowy.

Which airport do we fly in and out of?
Many people choose to use the Bozeman Airport for their travels to Yellowstone. Another common route is to fly into Bozeman and leave from the airport in Jackson, WY.

Are we guaranteed to see wildlife? 
We make no guarantees when it comes to seeing wildlife. Bears and wolves can sometimes be very difficult, if not impossible to find. Wildlife has it's own schedule and agenda. However, we do see bison, elk, antelope, bighorn sheep and others with much regularity.

What is our cancellation policy?
For a full refund we require a 14 day notice.

Where is the best lodging?
Lodging depends on your vacation itinerary. For points north of the park, we recommend anywhere between Livingston and Gardiner, Montana. For points west of the park, Big Sky and West Yellowstone are ideal. For points south of the park, Jackson, Wyoming is the best option. For points east of the park, Red Lodge and Cooke City, Montana along with Cody, Wyoming.

When do the deer become elk? 
At about 6000 ft above sea level. Just kidding!!! Two different species altogether.

Where should I stay before my trip?

This only applies to backpacking. If you are backpacking on the Bechler River Trail, we recommend staying in West Yellowstone, Montana the night before the trip. All other trips leave or rendezvous in Gardiner, MT and the park’s north entrance. Please let us know your lodging info when filling out our Contact Form.

What if I have dietary restrictions?
No problem. We can cater to vegetarian, vegan, kosher, gluten free or any diet.

What is the minimum age for backpacking?
The minimum age depends on the specific route and duration. Ages twelve and older are preferred for backpacking but we can make acceptations on a case-by-case basis.

Will my kids have fun? 
We hope so. We will break the day up as much as possible to make sure your family has a great time in the park.

What about the bears? Should we feel threatened?
Two species of bear live in Yellowstone, both black and grizzly. These animals are wild and generally scared of human presence. That is why we come and explore Yellowstone with the chance of seeing these animals in their natural environment. We should always be cautious and concerned but with the proper steps, conflict can be avoided. Our guides carry bear spray and help assure the safety of every guest.

Can I pet the bison?
Although not a common question. No, visitors can't pet or touch the bison. The bison appear to be calm and docile but have extraordinary speed and mobility. Historically, bison cause the most injuries in the park.

Anything we missed… Please email or call with additional questions.