Yellowstone Park Information and Resources: 

Planning the perfect vacation in Yellowstone can be a daunting task. Here is some useful information for creating that special experience and memorable trip. Here is some information you need to know about Yellowstone and the surrounding area....

Grizzly bear family in Yellowstone

Weather in Yellowstone National Park

The weather in Yellowstone can be the biggest wild card when it comes to planning a trip. Unpredictable is the best description. A majority of Yellowstone lies above 6000 ft (1829 M), and is surrounded by taller Rocky Mountain Peaks. Storms can come and go with winter always looming. The summer's in the park or generally warm during the day and cool at night. Summer's are typically dry but the chance of an afternoon rainstorms or "thunder roller" does exist. The winters of Yellowstone are famous for their cold temperatures and snowy conditions. However, after a major storm system has passed, expect blue bird skies and sunny days. Spring can be wet with rain and snow but provides some of the best wildlife watching. Fall can be a great extension of summer or an early transition to winter. Before taking on any adventure outside in Yellowstone, please be prepared and check the weather.

Did you know that the coldest recorded temperature in Yellowstone is -68F (-56 C). On February 9, 1933, the temps dipped to bone chilling temps in the town of West Yellowstone, MT. 

Traveling to Yellowstone 

The most important thing to remember is that Yellowstone is a big, big place. Yellowstone National Park has five entrances located in 3 different states with a majority of it in Wyoming.

Flying to Yellowstone National Park 

Regional airports located in Bozeman (GFA), Jackson (JAC), Billings (BIL) and Idaho Falls (IDA) allow visitors to access the park. Salt Lake City (SLC) is another viable option but a much longer drive. The most common airports used for visiting Yellowstone are in Bozeman, MT and Jackson, WY. There are direct flights to Bozeman from New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and other metropolitan areas.

Yellowstone Airport

Useful Downloads and such for Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park

Maps of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park -
With cell service being limited in the park, a good map can go along way. 
Road Map - YNP and GTNP.pdf

Yellowstone National Park Trip Planner - A comprehensive guide to visiting the park

Yellowstone Backcountry Trip Planner - A great guide for those traveling into the wilds of Yellowstone

Beyond Roads End - Regulations and guidelines for backcountry travel in Yellowstone

Cell Service in Yellowstone National Park 

Cellular service in Yellowstone can be limited. The major areas of the park, with lodging, generally have the best cell phone coverage. Cell phone service is limited Text messages and phone calls are easier to make versus sending large data files, scrolling social media, emails, etc. In my opinion, Mammoth Hot Springs near the north entrance has the best cell phone service in the park. Verizon usually works a little better as well. 

Important Phone Numbers For Vacations in Yellowstone:

The following park phone numbers have recorded information that is frequently updated. Stay tuned for details on lodging, weather, road conditions, and more.

- 307-344-2113
Campground Lodging - 307-344-2114
Road Conditions - 307-344-2117
Mammoth Visitor Center - 307-344-2263
Old Faithful Visitor Center - 

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